Florentine Marbled Pen Capolavoro Marbled Fountain Pen

The Florentine Marbled Pens Collection:


These handcrafted pens are designed with an elegant flair for the discriminating buyer.


These collector quality pens are designed with discriminating collectors in mind and handmade using the highest quality components.  The pens feature elegant, engraved custom hand-carved insets on the cap and barrel ends surrounded by brilliant Rhodium and black titanium plating.  The clip is inset with a brilliant Swarovski crystal.  The stunning blend of insets and accent band combined with Rhodium and black titanium plated components combine to make a distinctive pen of unrivaled beauty.


In the tradition of fine desk pens, the Capolavoro is not designed for use with the cap attached to the pen. This ensures that you will enjoy effortless writing and the perfect balance of the pen every time you use it. Just be sure to leave the pen cap in plain sight where others can see what they're missing!


The nib on the custom made fountain pen is German-made and features a two-tone fountain nib with genuine iridium point for smooth writing and dependable ink flow.


The rollerball version comes standard with a Schmidt type refills available at any fine office supply store.


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All pens come with our Lifetime Warranty (NOTE: WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO INK OR REFILLS).

The creation of the paper is fascinating.


In the 17th century, the bookbinder of Louis the 13th, King of France had invented a method to produce a paper looking like marble, also called “papier à cuve”. This marbleized paper was widely used until the end of the 19th century, in particular for bookbinding.  The description of the technique’s details to produce marbleized paper can be found in manuals dating back to 1600.


Today in Florence, Italy, Il Papiro is a company producing hand decorated (laid) paper using traditional Italian techniques and in particular, the marbleizing of paper.


In 1976, Francesco Gianini and Gianni Parenti, two Florentine natives and handicraft lovers, retrieved the use of this ancient technique and created “Il Papiro” which produces items such as bound diaries, journals, desk accessories, boxes and papers. 

Watching the creation of marbled paper is both captivating and fascinating.  First, a base made from a gelatin solution prepared with seaweeds has to be produced. Next, on the surface of this base, the colors are dropped and sprayed and then a comb-shaped tool is very carefully passed through it to obtain the desired design.  Finally, the most difficult part:  a sheet of paper is delicately laid on this colored gelatin base and gently pulled off. The result: the colors adhere to and completely cover the paper! Please view the process of making these papers at the following links below.

Some additional pictures of our Capolavoro Florentine Marbled paper pens:

Florentine Marbled Fountain Pen Capolavoro Marbled Fountain Pen
Florentine Marbled Pen Capolavoro Marbled Rollerball Pen
Florentine Marbled Rollerball Pen Capolavoro Marbled Rollerball Pen
Capolavoro Florentine Marbled Pens
Chiyogami-Yuzen Twist Pen CHIYOGAMI-YUZEN OSAKA

These incredible pens show classic elegance.  The pens are handcrafted from the finest components and are coated in gold titanium and chrome for beauty and durability.  The pen clip is embellished with a Swarovski crystal. The body of the pens are made from Chiyogami-Yuzen paper imported from Japan.  These papers are made in small, family-operated shops that have been making these papers for centuries.


The pens come with a lifetime warranty (NOTE: WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO INK OR REFILLS).


These beautiful decorative patterns on paper were known as Chiyogami in Japan and are silkscreened onto handmade sheets of paper.  They are more popularly known as Yuzen in the United States.  Originally, Chiyogami designs were developed in the Edo period as woodblock prints by papermakers for use as accessories in the house to enliven the interiors. They were based on the bright kimono textiles which the papermakers from the countryside saw on the fashionable wealthier ladies in the larger cities, especially in Kyoto, where the area known as Yuzen had become famous for its sophisticated techniques for dyeing cloth.

Chiyogami was meant to be cut into pieces and made into paper dolls or 
posted on tea tins or small paper boxes.


The pen comes with a Schmidt refill.  The pens accept Parker style refills, which are available in any fine office supply store.


To view the process of how these beautiful papers are created, please click on the link below.

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Chiyogami-Yuzen Osaka Pens


The circuit board pen will make the ideal gift for any technology-minded person, or anyone that just wants something "cool." 


These pens are made from actual circuit boards that are cast in a crystal clear pen resin, then hand-turned and polished on the lathe to a glass like finish.

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Genuine cigar bands and beer bottle caps on a classic twist pen.  Cigar labels are on the luxurious mahogany body,  while the beer bottle caps have been flattened and curved on a black tube.  These allow you to enjoy your cigar or beer any time of day or night!


Comes with our Lifetime Warranty (NOTE: WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO INK OR REFILLS).                               

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